E Mirabella Montrose

Erick Mirabella

Senior Vice President, Montrose Air Quality Services

Erick Mirabella is Senior Vice President for the Ambient, LDAR, and Regulatory Compliance divisions of Montrose Air Quality Services. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Health and has been involved in the air quality industry since 1992. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Mirabella was VP of Business Development for Montrose Environmental Group. He was also a founding member of The Avogadro Group, where he held leadership positions as General Manager and Sales Director. Earlier in his career, Mr. Mirabella was a Senior Project Manager specializing in complex stationary source testing projects involving nearly all types of industrial combustion sources, abatement devices, and manufacturing processes. His career began as a chemist and field technician for Carnot Technical Services in California.