Simplifying Your Annual Emissions Reporting

November 2, 2023

By: Daniel McDermott

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest resource that will make annual emissions reporting simpler and more efficient.

The Need for Change

Every year, organizations spend significant man-hours uploading data into various agency websites to submit their mandatory Annual Emissions Inventory (AEI) reports to state and federal authorities. Frequently, this involves a manual process that is not only laborious and time-intensive, but also highly susceptible to human error, necessitating additional resources to rectify mistakes flagged by state or federal agencies. Instead of relying on manual data entry, an increasing number of state reporting agencies are now offering the option to upload reporting data via electronic files, substantially reducing workload and risk of data inaccuracies. 

A Comprehensive Overview

At Huco, we offer proven solutions for the automation of federal and state AEI electronic submission files, customized to match your organization’s existing data management systems across any state of interest. Our solution provides streamlined, accurate, and cost-effective emissions reporting through electronic submittals, enabling our clients to save overall costs and focus on core operations. 

How Our Services Can Help You

  • Reduce manual data entry, saving significant man-hours and resources.
  • Minimize human errors, reducing the need for time-consuming corrections.
  • Develop a reporting system that is adapted to your existing processes.
  • Achieve cost savings with one solution for federal and state AEI requirements, reducing costs and operational complexity.

Daniel McDermott
Air Emissions Data Management and Reporting Service Line Lead

Daniel McDermott proudly assumes the role of Huco Consulting’s Lead for Air Emissions Monitoring and Reporting service line, steering innovation and strategy in the realm of data management and systems architecture. Throughout his career, Daniel has partnered with numerous organizations, assisting with the implementation of Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) solutions. He collaborates closely with clients, gaining insight into their current environmental data management methods, and creating uniform procedures to enhance the efficiency of environmental data monitoring and tracking. Additionally, he leads Huco’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting division, staying informed about the latest advancements in reporting and sustainability initiatives and incorporating them into Huco’s client assistance strategies.

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