Montrose Environmental Celebrates Groundbreaking at Del Rio Dairy

Del Rio Dairy (Friona, TX)

On November 18, 2021, the Montrose Environmental Biogas team held a groundbreaking event at Del Rio Dairy (Friona, TX) for our newest renewable natural gas (RNG) digester project.

The Del Rio Renewable Biofuels project is led by partners Clean Energy and TotalEnergies, with Montrose serving as the Engineering, Procure and Construction partner. The team will be led by Steve Buttles and Jacob Ewers, who will be on-site to oversee the project from beginning to end. Some of our key responsibilities on this project will include:

  • Compatibility of the system with daily farm operations. The manure treatment system must always be designed with the farm in mind and how they manage their cows
  • Process selection, system and component sizing and integration of technologies to convert the manure into valuable RNG
  • Construction of the facilities including all foundations, piping, electrical, and erection of the digester tanks
  • System safety review to ensure overall operability and long-term safe operation
  • System commissioning and guaranteeing the quality and quantity of gas produced

“When completed, the Del Rio Dairy digester project will capture the waste from more than 7,500 milking cows and generate an anticipated 1.1 million gallons of RNG annually.”

Read Clean Energy’s press release for additional information here.

Check out the work we’ve done in Del Rio during our Renewable Biofuels Project here.

Watch as our team participates in the Sunoma Renewable Biofuels ribbon cutting ceremony here.

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