Webinar: Innovative Approach to Converting Dairy Manure to RNG—A Case Study in Making Ultra Low Carbon Intensity Vehicle Fuel 

Innovative Approach to Converting Dairy Manure to RNG Webinar with Environment + Energy Leader


Jacob Stern, VP of RNG Product Delivery at Montrose Environmental


Montrose Environmental Group supplied a fully integrated system for a confidential west coast dairy farm to convert manure from 7800 milking cows to create renewable natural gas (RNG).  The system has met its full design flow of roughly 700 SCFM, is complying with the local gas company quality specification, and is injecting gas into the local pipeline.  RNG will be sold into the California transportation market and will monetize D3 cellulosic RIN credits under the Federal RFS. Based on the federal GREET Model, dairy gas receives a very favorable CI score, indicating that dairy RNG is a powerfully beneficial environmental story as the lowest carbon intensity fuel available in today’s marketplace.  The project is providing the benefit of avoiding enough greenhouse gas emissions as the equivalent of taking over 10,000 cars off the road. With a daily manure flow of 123,000 gallons a day, the daily RNG generation will create 160,000 MMBtu per year.

The webinar includes a discussion of the system design features, as well as project delivery and system integration challenges and solutions. As of November 2021, this project is one of the most complex and sizable systems now running in the United States.

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