Webinar: From ESG to EHS, the essentials for establishing, designing and executing audit programs

Audting Webinar Thumbnail


Jami Patrick, VP of Sustainability Advisory, Montrose Environmental
Shaun Gilday, Senior Advisor/Principal, Montrose Environmental
Mike Green, Ph.D , MBA, CPEA, Senior Advisor/Principal, Montrose Environmental


How are companies defining and measuring whether their environmental, social, and governance ESG programs are being implemented in a consistent manner? Stakeholders are demanding that corporations take action on ESG issues, and companies are making target commitments and establishing programs to meet those goals. Much like its EHS counterpart, ESG program audits can also play a critical role in the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continual improvement. An effective audit program with a clearly defined purpose and framework provides a solid foundation for ensuring ESG goals and targets are met. In this webinar, our experts discuss auditing and highlight the essentials to consider when executing individual audits as well as establishing and implementing audit programs.

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