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is part of Montrose Environmental Group, a company that’s blazing new trails to create the future of leak detection and fugitive emission solutions.

As regulatory and subject matter experts, we provide a full range of fugitive emission management services to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We specialize in the use of OPTICAL GAS IMAGING (OGI) to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks and vents. Our experience and innovative technologies provide accurate, safe, and cost-effective detection & measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions. We remain the largest and most experienced provider of professional OGI leak detection services in the United States and Canada.

Our core services remain leak detection, emission measurement, program development, and best-in-class custom LDAR management software. We will continue to advise our clients on their compliance obligations through an in depth knowledge of the regulations in multiple jurisdictions within the United States, Canada and other International locations. Our teams value safety, quality, performance, and customer service dedicated to meeting your compliance needs and business goals.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your Fugitive Emission Management Program.

Calgary, AB
1702 4 Street SW, Suite 220
Calgary, AB
T2S 3A8

Canada Sales Contact:
1-855-225-8755 EXT 2

Pittsburgh, PA
412 Darby Way
Bridgeville, PA

US Sales Contact:
1-855-225-8755 EXT 1

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