Montrose CEO participates in Milken Institute Panel on Investing in Climate Action

To most effectively mitigate the impact of climate change, business and industry must be part of the solution. Fortunately, the marketplace for climate-related investing, research, and economic collaboration is thriving as government, the private sector, and environmental organizations develop a shared vision to address water scarcity, rising sea levels, increasingly violent natural disasters, and other results of a warming planet. What are the most innovative, climate-compatible investment opportunities in the short and long term, and how should disparate stakeholders best work together.

Spyros Kouvelis
Director, Joint Center of Excellence on SDG Implementation; Senior Expert, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy, UN Environment Programme-MAP

Julia Bucknall
Director, Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice, World Bank

Saadia Madsbjerg
Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation

Vijay Manthripragada
CEO, Montrose Environmental

Nelson Switzer
Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Nestlé Waters

Gary White
CEO and Co-Founder, WaterEquity and

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