Montrose and Nationwide Boiler Solve Emissions Compliance Issues for Petrochemical Refinery


A large petrochemical refinery located in the Gulf Coast needed a rental boiler to provide temporary steam for periods of seasonal and increased demand. The boiler supplied would need to be capable of providing roughly 100,000 to 150,000 lb/hr of 650 psig superheated steam. The refinery would also have to ensure compliance with stringent emission limits 24 hours a day every day of the year.


Nationwide Boiler provided the refinery with a 110,000 lb/hr boiler solution: The world’s largest mobile, trailer-mounted superheated steam boiler. However, the rental boiler fires on natural gas by default, meaning it would need to undergo modifications to accommodate refinery fuel and meet stringent emission requirements.


Montrose experts were brought in to help Nationwide Boiler modify its rental boiler solution to meet the refinery client’s needs. While Nationwide Boiler supplied a temporary, urea-based CataStark™ SCR for the refinery, Montrose supplied a state of the art remotely operated rental continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) mobile laboratory. Working together, Nationwide Boiler combined its knowledge of boilers and related equipment with Montrose’s expertise of emissions monitoring, testing, and reporting. The rental boiler equipment performed well from the onset, and now the petrochemical refinery has several projects in its pipeline that will rely heavily on the combined solutions of Nationwide Boiler and Montrose for reliable process steam.

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