Montrose and Leading Petrochemical Manufacturer Partner for Improved Training, Safety and Enhanced LDAR Compliance at Northern California Refinery


A large petrochemical refinery located Northeast of San Francisco was looking to strengthen and improve site management and technician support, in addition creating and training including Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) monitoring/reporting, tag maintenance, and overall quality assurance/quality control to be best in class. Montrose would also have to ensure compliance with strict emissions limits and safety protocols throughout the duration of the project transition period and pandemic.


To successfully accomplish the transition plant meant identifying current challenges the site was dealing with. Putting together a transition team to ensure training and integrating of client team members, working with the team to resolve staffing gaps, identifying and securing additional staff. Replacing insufficient and out dated facility equipment with up-to-date technologies and monitoring equipment required by the regulation and overseeing the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program.


Montrose team members developed a detailed transition plan encompassing safety, quality, staffing and training, monitoring, and KPIs with a focus on safety, productivity, QA/QC and budget. One of the first actions on the transition plan was the restructuring of the onsite team to improve quality, accountability and morale across the 16-member team. Montrose also provided monitoring services for the facility, (Method 21 monitoring of vacuum trucks, LDAR, Drain inspection, El Paso monitoring and tank inspections.). Management of Change (MOC) and inventory functions to include applicability and flagging, process unit P&ID Highlighting, tagging, record keeping and QA/QC with a focus on data accuracy and quality.


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