The 2022 PFAS Crystal Ball: What’s Coming, and How You Can Be Ready

March 3, 2022

A Four-Part Blog Series and an Informative Webinar

The past year saw many changes to the PFAS regulatory landscape driven by many factors including the USEPA PFAS Roadmap.  In 2022 requirements will be set at the state level and companies will be required to adhere to these, but the question on everyone’s mind is – Where are PFAS regulations headed, and what do the changes mean for me?

What is Montrose Doing About This?
Montrose and our family of companies (ECT2, CTEH, Enthalpy Analytical) have been closely following these PFAS developments and tailoring our technological and service offerings to meet this evolving landscape and provide the answers and strategies to assist you no matter where in the PFAS lifecycle you are.

Why are we Blogging About This?

In this blog series, you’ll find information presented by our team of experts – each elaborating on their area of PFAS expertise – making observations on the current landscape, proposed changes, and some of the more impactful things you need to know as you navigate this new PFAS environment.

Read the Blogs, Join us for the Webinar
The four blogs in this series will culminate with a scheduled webinar on March 10, 2022, courtesy of Water & Wastes Digest. During the webinar, each of the experts here will continue the discussion on their areas of PFAS expertise and how they are all working together to help you better understand what’s coming your way in 2022 and how you can be ready. We will provide you with the tools and next steps to get you started.

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