Risks Associated With Bad Data in Stack Testing

December 6, 2021

Recently, we’ve been seeing a trend of less experienced companies starting to sell similar stack measurement services at a lower price point in the market. And while it’s always nice to pay less for something, it’s important to understand the risks that can sometimes be associated with the resulting bad data. If achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance is crucial, it’s important to understand that cheap data can be expensive.

Let’s take a deeper look:

  • Cheaper services can frequently lead to erroneous data due to inexperienced team leads and untrained technicians. Common mistakes can lead to inaccurate measurements, which can get expensive with compliance issues and fines.
  • Often, a company may charge a cheaper price upfront then come back with new bills to complete parts of the original agreed upon scope, so the price you see is not always what you’re paying in the end.
  • Time is money, so costly mistakes or lack of experience can unnecessarily limit your operation. We help reduce the hidden costs of staff time and reduced production during source tests.

Our way of doing business is based on technical excellence, relationship building, data quality, safety, and providing customers with accurate and timely data that meet regulatory agency standards. We help our customers maintain production and limit costs by running efficiently.

Over time, the additional costs of doing business are lower for customers who partner with an experienced, long-term service provider. For example, we know where the power connections are located, the test port configuration and who the operators are to understand your operating conditions truly. You will not see that on our invoice, but it saves our customers time and resources. Additionally, we help alleviate many procurement headaches as our highly experienced team can efficiently service your facility better than four different vendors coming in at different times.

That’s why it’s essential to partner with a company that takes a big-picture view and adds value by combining a rock-solid understanding of regulations with practical and cost-effective methods for meeting them.

By working with Montrose, you’ll eliminate logistical headaches, gain access to the best technology for each project, and work with an experienced team of professionals to avoid costly mistakes or unwanted follow-up project billing. More importantly, you’ll be working with the people who genuinely know how to put your money to good use to get the job done. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll get the benefit of innovative and integrated thinking—with planners, engineers, and implementers working together to turn the best ideas into successful real-world solutions.

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