Industry-Leading Product Delivery for Renewable Natural Gas

Industry-Leading Product Delivery for Renewable Natural Gas

October 17, 2022

By: Pat Hirl

We are continuing our video blog series on RNG with a segment on our Industry-Leading Product Delivery with our Director of Project Delivery, Pat Hirl.

Once we have broken ground and construction begins on your dairy manure to RNG project, it is our job to make sure your project is on schedule, delivers quality in design and construction, produces a functional system, and stays on budget.

Industry-Leading Product Delivery Key Focus

Schedule Management

Through our coordination and prioritization of efforts and by managing and driving the schedule, we strive to be on track or ahead of schedule.

Quality of Design & Construction

Our commitment to superior system functionality spans good component selection and innovative design.

System Functionality

Our innovative design and construction positively impacts the reliability and operability of the systems we build.

We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations for high system performance.

Budget control

Budget control is a top priority, managing the change process and driving cost control efforts to bring our projects in at a defined price.

We started on the 8th of November 2021.

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We delivered this project ahead of schedule, and it has been operating ever since!
Pat Hirl, Director of Project Delivery
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