Bio Gas Installation on a farm processing Cow Dung as a side business activity

Dairy Manure to RNG – We want to meet your cows!

February 2, 2022

When it comes to agricultural waste, we’re experienced. We’re knowledgeable. We are problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. What we feel truly sets us apart is that we don’t rely on the digital space to start a project. We thrive on building the personal relationships with the various partners such as engineers, designers, project managers, procurement specialists, construction superintendents, and long-term operators who are involved in a project of this scope.

Most importantly, we take the time to come out to your dairy farm, wherever you might be, sit down with you to have a conversation, and we meet your cows.

In this video, we explain what Montrose can offer your dairy farm, in addition to describing the importance of meeting your cows, understanding how your dairy farm operates, and how your CI score can impact your future project.

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