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Biogas: Our People – Brianna Webber

April 16, 2024

Next up we’d like to introduce you to Brianna Webber, Project Manager.

“When Brianna joined the team last year, she brought with her a wealth of know-how and execution acumen. Her experiences working on complex engineering efforts will directly enable our growth within the RNG industry. As an emerging leader within our group, I am excited to see her full capability deployed into our projects. ” – Jacob Stern, VP RNG

When did you join the Montrose team, and what prior experience brought you to this role?

I joined the team in November 2023, and since then, we’ve already doubled in size. This group is on a roll with expansion! I have prior experience in project management with the oil & gas industry and agriculture. Previously, I was working for a corporation as a Project Manager, and I really wanted to find a position inside a company with an organizational structure that would allow me to take more ownership in the projects at hand. Moreover, I liked that the position I applied for was in an ever-growing field that makes positive environmental impact.

How do you see your work contributing to the successful future of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)?

I take incoming project opportunities from cradle to grave. My role allows me to touch on the project’s upfront development, and then lead the efforts of engineering, procurement, and execution with a team of individuals to see its success. I’m looking forward to really getting into the “meat” of upcoming digester projects and continuing to learn about the industry. A typical day for me includes meetings with clients, vendors, and internal staff while coordinating and executing deliverables through procurement, engineering, and contractual responsibilities.

What do you feel the Montrose team brings to their clients that sets them apart? Have there been any recent challenges you’ve encountered and overcome within your projects?

Our team brings a no-nonsense approach to Engineer, Procure, and Construct (EPC) projects. Montrose strives to build relationships based on honesty, transparency, and solid work ethic – what you see is what you get.

I work on the vendor/contractor side of the business, as opposed to the client side. This has been a bit of an adjustment for me personally. As we work through contract negotiations, I’ve found it interesting to see how different this side is from my previous roles. I look forward to seeing other challenges and changes as I delve deeper into the projects at Montrose.

Who is someone on the team you really enjoy working with, and why?

I really enjoy working with Alina Cole, Ph.D., P.E. She is a real Super Woman! Her abilities to tackle so many tasks at once while still offering up her time to help someone else is amazing. She is a great resource to turn to when you have questions in this field.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in this field?

It’s such a young industry with lots of opportunities to contribute. Keep your eyes and ears open to take in as much information as you can when you start, and don’t be afraid to bring past knowledge to the table, too. The unique knowledge and experience that everyone has can help build and grow this industry. Oh, and if you’re not used to being on a dairy farm, Vicks Vapo-Rub will be great to have on hand 😊

Brianna Webber
Project Manager
Brianna Webber joined the Biogas team in 2023 and has over 12 years of experience in project management in the agriculture and oil & gas industries. She graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, from Purdue University. During her time at Purdue, Brianna served on the Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

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