A Fun Day for the Montrose Team at the Annual A&WMA Golf Tournament

June 3, 2021

By: Rachel Fenasci

After a long year of being locked up indoors, the annual A&WMA Golf Tournament was somewhat of a homecoming for Montrose and a variety of other companies that joined the event. On a sunny, yet breezy day in early May at the Pelican Point Golf and Country Club we saw these teams enjoying local craft beer and delicious food as they caught up with one another. Laughs, handshakes, and even a few words of encouragement were shared as they all put their swing practice to the test and the rounds commenced.

The course was lined with informative booths, mimosa stations, breakfast tents, and BBQs sizzling away in the background. Whether you were there to play golf to your heart’s desire, participate in some fun conversation, or learn about the organizations present, there was something for everyone to enjoy. We even had the opportunity to see a few team members stand out as stars headed to the big leagues. Despite the energy and buzz of the day, Warren Bankson and Mike Hutcherson were focused on their game enough to shine as potential PGA competitors in coming years. Brian Toth, Montrose Senior Principal in Remediation, came out on top as winning the Closest to the Pin award. They all definitely didn’t let 2020 go to waste when it came to refining their golfing skills!

However, skillful drives and steady putts weren’t the only things being exchanged during the tournament. The lively gathering provided a great opportunity for attendees to network and reunite with old colleagues and friends. Conversations between strokes led to business cards being shared and information about Montrose’s service lines made clear to the several firms and companies in attendance. The permit and compliance hospitality tent proved to be an informative space for attendees to get to know how Montrose supports government and commercial organizations with environmental projects. Some associates were even surprised to learn about our recent acquisitions, such as those with MSE and CTEH, which have positioned us as a global leader in environmental solutions for the future.

Due to remaining COVID-19 restrictions, there was no afterparty this year, so winning teams are expected to receive their awards through the mail. While still not under the most ideal circumstances, the 2021 A&WMA Golf Tournament was a success among those who attended. Based on the many hugs shared and contact information exchanged throughout the day, we’d like to think this reunion was exactly what everyone needed after the wildly unexpected year we’ve had. Tasty food, refreshing drinks, and good company among coworkers are sometimes all you really need to make the most of good weather.

Here’s hoping that next year’s tournament is just as exciting as this year’s was and that Montrose has just as many positive changes to share with their network of dynamic and impactful organizations. We would be remiss to not thank the YP Group for all their hard work and planning hosting this event. We also want to thank all the bright and beaming faces that joined us and made the day as special as it was. We can’t wait to reconnect with you all again next year!

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