Montrose - Sustainability


What We Stand For

Montrose’s mission is to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that feeds us. As part of this commitment, we adhere to the following core sustainability principles:

  • Protection of our employees and communities;
  • Protection of our natural resources;
  • Protection of integrity.

The Environment is our business.

We provide a diverse range of innovative solutions to help clients and communities meet their environmental needs and goals to address the world’s environmental challenges. Whether we are helping to plan new projects, maintain or decommission operations, rehabilitate assets, manage the impacts of climate change, or respond to unexpected environmental disruption, we are there to improve operations today and prepare for whatever comes next.

Our Core Sustainability Principles

Protection of our employees and communities – We commit to constant assessment and improvement of employee safety and environmental performance.

Protection of our natural resources – We aim to lead by example as a company that helps our clients with environmental compliance and performance.

Protection of integrity – We promote the ethical treatment of our employees, stakeholders, and partners in all of our interactions.

Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to conducting our operations in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, frameworks, and strategic management practices concerning environmental protection. We are adopting policies, procedures, and risk management tools to reflect and implement this broad commitment across our worldwide businesses, facilities, operations, and personnel.

Our corporate environmental objectives and the environmental impacts of our activities are reviewed and assessed on an annual basis. Our ESG Committee advises our Board and leadership teams on the environmental management policies, programs, and performance based on results of our periodic reviews and considering regulatory developments, customer needs, technical developments, scientific understanding, and community expectations.

Our Environmental Impact

Our business is making a significant impact on climate change through the services we offer our clients, many of whom are in carbon-intensive industries. For example, we help clients develop and execute strategies that are contributing to the transition to a low carbon future. Our day-to-day work is thus focused on meeting our clients’ objectives of environmental responsibility and limiting impacts from their operations.

We are also aware of our own use of resources, our environmental impacts, and our role in addressing climate change. To execute our three business segments, we operate out of our company-owned headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas and approximately 80 leased locations globally, which include laboratories, testing facilities, and offices for our consulting and advisory services. We also rely on our vehicle fleet for our site-based services and may at times fly to meet our clients where they are.

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