Well Site Abandonment, Remediation, and Reclamation Portfolio

Project Summary

An oil and gas producer with operations in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba has been progressing with a large-scale abandonment program of approximately 50 to 100 well sites annually. Montrose’s Consulting & Engineering – Canada team (formerly Matrix Solutions) Montrose was retained to assist with the management of the abandonment and reclamation program. The goal is to reduce the producer’s environmental liability, return the land to equivalent productivity, and achieve site regulatory closure.

Our Role

Our role has been to progress abandoned well sites through the regulatory closure process, which included the following stages:

  • Gas migration testing/surface casing vent flow testing
  • Coordination of cut and cap of abandoned wellbores
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments as required
  • Physical surface reclamation
  • Detailed site assessments
  • Application for Acknowledgement of Reclamation / Certificate of Abandonment


To effectively manage the logistics of a portfolio of this size, a number of workflow efficiencies were created. This included the implementation of a centralized site information tracking system that helped our team ensure all phases were completed accurately and effectively for each project site.

Work has been completed amidst adverse weather conditions and during harvest activities. To ensure field work is completed in an efficient and timely manner, the team uses timely communication with our client, equipment contractors, and landowners to coordinate the most efficient use of equipment and reduce mobilization and downtime.


Our team continues to build a strong working relationship with the producer; we have been trusted to manage an increasing number of sites each year within the abandonment and reclamation portfolio. Our strategically located offices and experienced staff situated throughout the client’s operational areas have allowed for a reduction in the timeline for site closure significantly below industry average and successfully meet client expectations. Cost-effective and practical approaches for each site have maximized efficiency across the entire portfolio while achieving a 100% success rate on reclamation applications to Ministry of Energy and Resources. Our team continues to aid in reducing the client’s environmental liability – progressing sites toward Acknowledgement of Reclamation/Certificate of Abandonment closure.

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