Steve Eckard

Steven Eckard, PE

EVP, Lab Services

Steven Eckard is Executive Vice President of Enthalpy Analytical, LLC, a Montrose subsidiary specializing in environmental laboratory testing services. Mr. Eckard started his career testing smokestacks. In that role, he was responsible for special projects that involved testing non-standard emission sources for a variety of organic pollutants. Several years of managing these unique projects exposed Mr. Eckard to a wide variety of testing and analysis circumstances. Mr. Eckard is considered an expert on sampling and analysis of organic pollutants from many different sources and industry types. In 1993 he founded Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. Since 1993, Mr. Eckard has been managing environmental laboratories specializing in air pollution testing and tobacco smoke analysis. Mr. Eckard has also managed the quality systems for those labs. He is well versed in ISO 17025 and FDA Good Laboratory Practices based Quality Management Systems.

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