Wet Chemistry Analysis

Wet Chemistry Analysis, Testing, & Measurement

Project: Wet Chemistry Analysis

Montrose Environmental Group employees fulfilled multiple task orders on this governmental project, collecting over 2,700 samples from the project site. Analyses included hexavalent chromium, perchlorate, PAH, and 1,4-dioxane by 8270-SIM. Analyses were also performed for hydrocarbons, pesticides, volatiles and semivolatiles by GC/MS, and metals. Various wet chemistry analyses were conducted as well. Montrose staff used cutting-edge laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to automate quality control and data review as collected from multiple networked workstations. Throughout each task, Montrose associates maintained defined regulatory methods for measuring chemical levels and addresses compliance criteria.

  • Multi-incremental sampling
  • Air, soil, and water for metals, organics, and standard chemistry
  • Online reporting portal
  • Test and measurement quality assurance
  • Test and measurement consultation with government personnel
  • Laboratory operations, accreditation, project management
Lead: Dr. Bruce Godfrey
Location: McClellan, CA
Category: Laboratory Analysis
Environmental engineer collecting samples
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