Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion Services & VI Pathway Investigations

Professionals from Montrose Environmental Group have been assisting vapor intrusion (VI) pathway investigations and remediation efforts for over 15 years.  Our researchers have the ability to screen and analyze petroleum contaminates (BTEX, Naphthalene) and chlorinated solvents (dry cleaning solvents including perchloroethylene and daughter products) over a wide calibration range.  This wide range allows Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. to have superior sample throughput resulting in on-time reports. This can be critical for initial VI investigations when trying to pinpoint the source of contamination and mapping the contamination plume.

We also offer custom reporting solutions for TO-14A and TO-15 compound lists.  Montrose Environmental Group provides electronic data deliverables (EDD) that save time and money especially for programs with large compound lists.  With advanced planning, data can be reported in custom EDD formats that will allow for quicker data review and easier data management.

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. is a trusted partner of engineering firms working on contaminated sites and can provide the support needed from site assessment through the remediation process.

EPA Methods:
 TO-14A, TO-15

Other Methods:
Radiello Passive Samplers