Site Assessment and Remediation Services

Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation Services

The professionally certified scientists, geologists, and engineers of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. work with highly-experienced field technicians to conduct environmental site assessments including soil, soil vapor, and groundwater sampling for laboratory analysis, and design, installation and implementation of remedies to cleanup impacted sites. We have extensive experience preparing and providing environmental assessment reports to government agencies in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Florida.

Each project requires an examination and understanding of the potential hazards and contaminants of concern. Our environmental scientists understand the principles behind contaminants fate and transport in various geologic/hydrogeological conditions. By applying these principles to project planning and execution of field operations and data collection, we can maximize the quality of each phase of your project. We also perform all remedial action implementation on a turn-key basis using the full resources our in-house construction division. By using in-house resources, we are better able to control schedules, personnel, and cost issues. Therefore, we are able to react quickly to subsurface conditions, required changes from the remedial design, in-field discovery of unforeseen areas of contamination, owner access issues, etc.

Our project engineers or geologists will provide continuous oversight during the construction activities to monitor the adherence to the design specifications, subcontractor performance, prepare a written log of daily activities, and to facilitate communication to correct any deviations from the scope of work.

To date, our teams have installed hundreds of remedial systems. The depth of our experience allows for Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. to have success in obtaining site closures in even the most difficult settings.

  • Soil and groundwater remediation systems
  • Excavation and earthwork
  • Demolition and site clearing
  • Underground storage tank closure & management
  • Dewatering & treatment system Installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Well abandonment
  • Commercial, security, and temporary fence
  • Gun range remediation