Our Mission – To help protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that feeds us.

Our Principles
We Value Our People – Our success will be because of our collaboration and teamwork. We lend a hand and let others help us, and we collectively share in our successes and failures. We respect our colleagues, trust their motives, and share their commitment to excellence. We embrace different experiences and skills. Safety is an integral part of our daily operations. Through precaution and preparation, we improve the excellence of our work. Our managers manage our colleagues in a just and ethical manner. We must be transparent and communicate often with each other. We provide an environment where our people have fun, are happy, secure, and fairly compensated, and where they have an opportunity for professional advancement.

The Montrose Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3), is reflective of how we value and care for our people.  Our foundation was established by Montrose employees – for Montrose employees. This community initiative provides employees with a means of assisting their colleagues financially during an unexpected event or emergency that has created undue hardship.

We Value Our Community – We are responsible to the communities in which we work and live. We are responsible to the broader, global community we serve as part of our mission.

We Value Our Clients – Our clients rely on us to provide quality data, insights, and services to help spur success and/or to help keep in compliance with regulations. We earn that faith by leading with integrity and holding ourselves to the highest professional standards. We commit to excellence, to precision, to constant improvement, to new ideas, and to delivering value.

We Value Our Shareholders – Our shareholders, including our employees, rely on us to protect and grow their investment in us. We must be vigilant, thoughtful and quick with both business risks and opportunities. By operating according to our principles, we strive to make a fair return for our shareholders.