Accredited Microbiology Analysis Services & Consulting

The Montrose Environmental Group team of dedicated scientists and microbiologists analyze thousands of potable and non-potable water samples annually; the company has one of the largest microbiology capacities in California.  We have supported projects from major wastewater treatment plants, drinking water systems, hospitals, universities, industrial facilities as well as international efforts. CA ELAP accreditation, along with CDC approval for Legionella testing through Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program, makes Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. the ideal choice to support your microbiology needs.

Common microbiology analyses for which we hold CA ELAP accreditation include

9215/IDEXX SIMPLATE, 9221/9223, 9221, 9223, 9230, 9240/BART

CDC Legionella, ALMI 5023