Statement of Qualifications – Enthalpy Analytical

Montrose Environmental Group’s Enthalpy Analytical network of laboratories is a leading provider of comprehensive analytical services for pollutants and analytes in gaseous matrices. We specialize in air quality and are analytical experts in EPA, NCASI, ASTM, and state-specific methodologies.

Core Capabilities

  • On-site test methods according to ASTM and EPA methods
  • Fugitive emissions and ambient air monitoring
  • Stationary source emissions
  • Soil & water analysis
  • Tobacco, smoke, and e-vapor testing

Statement of Qualifications – Montrose Air Quality Services

Montrose Environmental Group’s Montrose Air Quality Services network of offices is the nation’s leading provider of emissions testing services. Our experts guide clients through all aspects of the testing process.We continue to provide reliable and timely environmental data, gathered using the highest technical and ethical standards, and with minimal interruption to our client’s business goals.

Core Capabilities

  • Air pollution emissions measurement for VOCs, HAPs, and other analytes
  • Air toxic contaminants and HAPs testing
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Certification and auditing of continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)
  • Leak detection and repair

Statement of Qualifications – Aquatic Toxicity

Comprehensive environmental toxicological and analytical services are also core competencies of Montrose Environmental Group. Our consulting engineers and researchers conduct ecological risk assessments, evaluate dredged sediment, offer effluent biomonitoring services, and support leachate bioassays and industrial chemical evaluations as required by regulatory bodies.

Core Capabilities

  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Freshwater toxicology and marine-dredged sediment evaluations
  • Forensic ecotoxicology (i.e., toxicology identification evaluations)
  • Compliance monitoring for the Clean Water Act and related legislation
  • Chemical analysis of water, sediment, and soil