Kevin Crosby

Kevin Crosby

Vice President, Technical, Montrose Air Quality Services

Member, Source Evaluation Society,
Air & Waste Management Association,
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mr. Crosby has been testing stack emissions since 1976.  He has tested nearly every type of source, and has special expertise in research-level testing programs and special projects. He has developed best practices for standard test methods (e.g., EPA 5, 201A, 202) to measure particulate emissions at low concentrations from gas-fired turbines, engines, and boilers. He has helped develop and implement innovative test methods using dilution techniques to measure ultra-low particulate emissions from gas-fired units, condensable PM avoiding “artifact” sulfate, and other interferences. He has also provided dilution methods for field testing of engine emissions as described in 40 CFR 1065 and ISO 8178. He has years of experience in testing low concentrations of gaseous emissions (VOC, NOX, SO3, SO2, Ammonia, etc.) as well as testing toxic or HAPs emissions (metals, dioxins/furans, PAH, PCB, etc). His objective is to provide high-quality engineering and compliance test results that help his clients save permitting and operational costs while lowering their emissions.

Highlighted Publications and Presentations:

An Emerging Technique for Low-Concentration Measurement of Particulate Emissions from Gas-Fired Gas Turbines, Kevin Crosby, Montrose Air Quality Services, LLC and Glenn England, Ramboll Environ, ASME Turbo Expo, Charlotte NC, June 2017

Stack Emission Measurement Issues – A Tester’s Perspective, Kevin Crosby, Montrose Air Quality Services, LLC, Combustion Turbine Operators Technical Forum, Orlando, FL, April 2017

VOC Measurement at Low Concentrations from a Wide Variety of Source Types, Kevin Crosby, Montrose Air Quality Services, LLC, Stationary Source Sampling & Analysis for Air Pollutants Conference, Tucson, AZ, April 2017

Emission Monitoring Issues – A Tester’s Perspective, Kevin Crosby, Montrose Air Quality Services, LLC,
 Electric Power Research Institute Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems User Group Conference, Houston, TX, May 2016

Emission Testing Issues and Innovations, Kevin Crosby, Montrose Air Quality Services, LLC, Electric Utility Environmental Conference, San Diego, CA, February 2016

Professional Highlights

The Avogadro Group LLC, Technical Director / Client Project Manager

Carnot Technical Services, Inc.,
Northern CA Emissions Measurement Manager

Kleinfelder, Inc.,
Emissions Measurement Manager / Project Manager

Ecoserve, Inc.,
Technical Director / Project Manager

Chemecology Corporation,
Project Manager/Technician