Enthalpy Analytical, a subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group, has received interim NELAP accreditation from the state of Louisiana for the analysis of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and polychlorinated dibenzofurans – known alternatively as PCDD/Fs, D/Fs (dioxin/furans). This accreditation includes analysis for these analytes in air emissions, hazardous materials, solids, non-potable water and biological tissue; associated methods include Method 23, 0023A, 8290A and 1613B.

Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, with routed courier services available for all clients, Enthalpy Ultratrace is a science first, client driven laboratory led by Dr. Bryan Vining and Ms. Cindy Tondeur James. Dr. Vining has 25 years of research and laboratory experience in the field of high-resolution GC/MS and is an active participant on the EPA Method 23 revision working group. Ms. Tondeur James has over 15 years of HRGC/HRMS laboratory experience working in-lab, directly with clients as well as data review and certification. Dr. Vining and Ms. Tondeur James have worked together previously and have combined their training and expertise to put together this new Enthalpy laboratory service offering.

Steven Eckard, Senior Vice President of Enthalpy added, “Enthalpy is constantly seeking to build capacity that suits the needs of our customers. Opening the Wilmington, North Carolina Ultratrace lab is an important step towards our strategy of creating a network that provides high quality data that fulfills the regulatory and environmental stewardship requirements of our customers. To that end we have assembled a group of experienced, talented individuals who have many years of experience in the Ultratrace laboratory sector.”

This event marks the first of Enthalpy’s several planned additions of Ultratrace analysis capabilities – which allow measurement of part-per-trillion levels (ppt) of persistent organic pollutants, necessary for demonstrating compliance to several regulations. Enthalpy expects to add the analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using a highly enhanced version of CARB Method 429 for air emissions to the accreditation scope and solids (for which no accreditation is offered) in the near future. Upon this addition, PAHs and D/Fs can be analyzed on the same sampling train for air emissions.

The Company also plans to add PCB congener analysis by EPA Method 1668 for air and Method 1668 versions A,B & C for other types of samples. Finally, Enthalpy is also working to add capabilities for the measurement of polyfluorinated (PFOA, PFOS) compounds, associated with Teflon manufacture and also considered harmful to humans at part-per-trillion levels, in various matrices (air, solids, water).

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