Effective Contaminant Removal

Effective Water Contaminant Removal & Filtration Services

Compliance is an important concept in this increasingly regulated environment, and today membrane filtration demonstrates promise for such applications in wastewater reuse. Two classifications of membrane processes set the standard for water treatment and the wastewater field. Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration are part of the first category, each featuring a non-porous separating layer and a porous support that are used for the removal of dissolved substances. The second approach consists of membrane filtration, where a microporous separating layer serves as a barrier to the finest particles present in a source, but it allows dissolved components to pass through.

Filtration Technology
Once, reverse osmosis and membrane filtration were used for industrial water treatment. This use has recently been surpassed in importance by the use of membrane filtration in drinking water treatment. Introduction of the membrane in drinking water removes turbidity and provides a disinfection benefit against bacterial microorganisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Additionally, membranes are being used in wastewater reuse, the fastest growing and potentially most promising membrane application in the water industry. At Montrose Environmental Group, our specialist teams of environmental scientists and engineers will analyze your business for known and potential contaminant sources and provide a full risk assessment and treatment plan. Our team has decades of advanced water and water treatment experience in both the private and public sectors, and a committed team of project managers will oversee the lifecycle of the project.

Using the latest filtration and membrane technologies, we can sustainably remove contaminants such as inorganic arsenic and selenium, and allow for release back into surface or groundwater. Or, should your business require it, purify the water for reuse. We can even help recover rare earth materials, metals, or other resources otherwise lost. Our engineers will choose the right membrane materials and filtration technology for your circumstances, which will ensure optimal efficacy, efficiency, and durability.

Often, businesses don’t realize the extent to which they affect water supplies until it’s too late. This leads to stress, shareholder jitters, and potential media or industry embarrassment. We understand the need for a quick resolution and we are a uniquely agile team. From initial assessment through to project completion, you’re guaranteed a thorough, cost-effective solution that will have your business healthy in no time.