Demolition & Site Clearing

Demolition Clearing & Site Clearing Services

We perform demolition and site clearing services with highly trained and experienced equipment operators. The FGS Group utilizes efficient segregation techniques to recycle and salvage a large percentage of the debris to minimize impact to the environment and keep the demolition waste out of landfills. Our OSHA HAZWOPER-trained, experienced team is capable of demolishing everything from small residential structures to large commercial and industrial facilities with environmental concerns.

For site clearing, our teams utilize specialized equipment that allows effective management of various projects and tasks regardless of environmental concerns, terrain, density, and vegetation type. This equipment and operator versatility allows to perform a variety of projects including: right-of-way clearing and maintenance, site clearing, selective thinning/tree removal, and heavy mulching. Our specialized equipment and techniques can reduce the vegetation to a mulch that can be left in place to prevent erosion or reused elsewhere. No large piles, minimal mess and damage to the site.