Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis for Air Pollutants (SES) 2019


Executive Summary

Our presentation explores the plausibility of PTR-TOF-MS measuring ultra-low real-time detection limits for compounds that are deemed difficult to measure.

  • PTR-TOF-MS may be used to measure ultra-low real time detection limits for hard to measure compounds (Methodologies developing quickly) in real time
  • Other Test Method (OTM) may be developed for sources with EPA approval
  • Integrated GC-PTR-TOF-MS represents legally defensible EPA Reference Method 18 Direct Interface if all QA/QC in Method followed
  • GC Integrated or Direct Real Time PTR-TOF-MS is a cost effective solution – Same as a typical FTIR test (Pay by day) – Reasonable Rates

Peter G. Zemek, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Don Chapman, Ph.D, Steven Yuchs, Ph.D, Art
Dean, David Berkowitz, RJ Lee Group