Guide to 2021 Environmental Reporting Deadlines: US EPA and Mountain States

February 22, 2021

By: Sushil Nadkarni

It’s a new reporting year and time to plan for environmental reporting and compliance deadlines.  The following deadlines and reports are requirements under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various state-specific environmental agencies.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Federal (EPA)

  • March 1st – EPCRA SARA Tier II (311 and 312)
  • March 31st – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report
  • April 1st – Air Emissions Inventory – Class I, II
  • July 1st – EPCRA Form R (TRI Report)
  • September 1st – Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) of hazardous waste are being asked to submit a re-notification of their generator status

Colorado (CDPHE)

  • April 30thRegulation 7 Report for storage tanks subject to Section I.D.3. for oil and gas operations
  • May 31stAnnual pneumatic controller report for oil and gas upstream or natural gas compressor stations
  • May 31stAnnual LDAR Report for oil and gas operations
  • June 30thAnnual air emissions and equipment inventory report for oil and gas operations
  • June 30thAnnual certification for natural gas transmission and storage segment
  • June 30thMonthly monitoring reports for upstream oil and gas pre-production and production operations

New Mexico

  • April 1stEmissions inventory for CY2020

Utah (DEQ)

  • March 1stUsed Oil Annual Report for Handlers
  • March 31stAnnual Industrial Stormwater Discharge Monitoring Report (Note that some sectors have alternative reporting deadlines)
  • April 15thAir Emissions Inventory Report
  • October 1stAir Emissions Fees

Wyoming (DEQ)

  • April 30thTriennial Minor Source Emissions Inventories for CY2020
  • April 30thAnnual Upper Green River Basin (UGRB) Emissions for CY2020
  • June 30thWinter UGRB emissions for Feb 1st – March 31st

Nevada (NDEP)

  • January 28thIndustrial Storm Water Annual Report (Note that Industrial facilities subject to effluent limitations monitoring and/or impaired waters monitoring must submit an Annual Report by January 28. All other facilities must prepare and retain the Annual Report by January 28. Note that metals and mining facilities must submit by December 1st)
  • March 1stAnnual Air Emissions Report
  • June 30thAir Emissions Fees

Other Programs

  • NPDES Individual Permit DMRs – Typically due 28 days following monitoring period (Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, or Annually)
  • Review Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP / PPC) and update – Annually
  • SWPPP / PPC / BMP Training – Annually
  • SPCC Plan Update – Every 5 years
  • SPCC Discharge Prevention Training – Annually
  • Air Quality Permit Renewal – 6 months prior to expiration
  • Individual NPDES Permit Renewal – 6 months prior to expiration
  • NSPS OOOO Report – January 13th
  • NSPS OOOOa Report – October 31st

Regional expertise is critical to successfully managing a facility’s federal, state, and local compliance and reporting requirements.  Montrose provides a full range of regulatory consulting services for industrial, commercial, and governmental facilities — from planning and site selection through the permitting process and ongoing compliance.

For more 2021 reporting deadlines, check out our recent blog on the Northwestern US.

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Sushil Nadkarni
Regional Director 
Mr. Nadkarni has 20 years of experience in Environmental, Health and Safety permitting and compliance services to clients in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power, and Technology industry sectors. His experience includes Greenfield, and Brownfield capital projects strategy development, permitting, compliance auditing, risk mitigation, and agency negotiations in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. He is a Chemical Engineer with technical background in Air Quality consulting in the U.S. Gulf Coast, and North-Eastern states. He has performed National Account management roles for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies while driving integrated service offerings to solve complex problems for clients.

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