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Biogas: Our People – Taylor Maxwell, P.E

October 3, 2023

This week, we’re excited to introduce you to Taylor Maxwell (Senior Design Engineer).

How would you describe your role on the Biogas team?

As a Senior Design Engineer, I like to describe my current role on the team as a type of Air Traffic Controller. I constantly take a high level look at all project items in motion and make decisions to move them where they need to go, in the times they are promised to be there. Biogas projects consists of big teams spread out across the country working for several different companies and disciplines. My role allows me to work with that entire team daily by engaging in client reviews, working with vendors on equipment design, supporting the field in construction, working intensely with the team on CAD design and process calculations, and many other exciting tasks.

It is an exciting role that has limitless options for developing new skills and exploring new areas of engineering.

What has been the most impactful project you have worked on?

The Del Rio RNG project was the most memorable and rewarding project of my career. I was the Lead Mechanical engineer from day one. It is possible I learned more and met more great people during this project window than the rest of my career combined. I collaborated daily with our great team to drive the project forward from conceptual designs behind our computers to completing a 48-hour performance test together on site.

As the project unfolded we grew our team, developed trusted partners in the space, and leveraged the great resources and capabilities of the broader Montrose team. We continue to work collaboratively with the operators on site to develop best practices and learn more insights we can leverage into all our current and future projects.

How would you describe the future of the Biogas team?

I see the Biogas team rapidly growing across many different areas of the business. As we add to the team and complete more projects we be able to push for new projects in new spaces. We are a team of true differentiators in an evolving field that encourages and requires creativity. We are uniquely positioned to succeed in that space.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a career in RNG/Biogas?

Be ready each day with a curiosity to learn, and a passion for expanding your current field of knowledge. RNG/Biogas projects have it all: biology, chemistry, physics, electricity, mechanics, systems integration, structural analysis, civil engineering, you name it. You will dive into all these disciplines everyday as you strive to bring them together to make the world a better/healthier place to live. To me that is incredibly exciting. Along the way you will meet new faces, visit new places, and better understand the details of the world around you. Embrace these opportunities.

Taylor Maxwell, Senior Design EngineerTaylor Maxwell
Senior Design Engineer
Taylor Maxwell holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has been practicing in the field for 12 years. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Idaho.

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