Biogas Energy – Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas Energy and Anaerobic Digestion System Services

The Montrose Environmental Group team represents over 75 combined years of experience in the design, operation, and optimization of anaerobic digestion systems. This broad base of experience includes high-solids, total mixed, plug and mixed plug flow, up flow blanket and municipal digestion systems. These different systems have different operational parameters, but a comprehensive understanding of the anaerobic process is critical, which is a key strength of our team. Furthermore, our professionals understand the biogas industry and are well-connected amongst different owners, operators, technology providers, and vendors. Lastly, our team has deep experience with operations and is strongly positioned to staff and run facilities.

Specific anaerobic digestion services include:

  • Facility and process design
  • Engineering review and independent engineering services
  • Operations and maintenance services
  • Support of permitting and PPA negotiation
  • Trouble shooting of many types of Anaerobic Digestion systems
  • Substrate consultation and evaluation
  • System evaluation and subsequent retro-fitting of process modifications
  • Project and asset management