Ambient Air and Meteorological Monitoring

Ambient Air Monitoring and Meteorological Monitoring Services

Montrose comprises engineers, scientists, analysts and technicians, all with extensive experience in a wide range of ambient monitoring applications. We are dedicated to creating individualized solutions for clients’ specific ambient monitoring needs–including PM2.5, PM10, TSP, Radionuclides, SO2, O3, NOx, NOy, CO, H2S, VOC, SVOC, total reduced sulfur (TRS), total HC, NMHC, carbonyl, other HC compounds, sulfates, nitrates, dioxins, furans, lead, mercury, metals, radionuclides and various meteorological parameters. Our staff have experience conducting monitoring projects in 32 states and three overseas locations, and in a large variety of industrial settings (e.g., power generation, mining, oil, gas, manufacturing, and national laboratories) and regulatory agencies (e.g., EPA, BLM, NPS, DOE, DOD).

  • Siting Analysis and Instrument Specifications
  • Networking and Remote Communications
  • Field Performance and System Audits
  • Complete Maintenance, Operations and Documentation
  • Data Acquisition, Validations and Reporting
  • Data Hosting – Web Based
  • Meteorological, Particulate and Air Chemistry Parameters
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Monitoring network design and siting assistance
  • Equipment procurement, system integration, field installation, startup and routine operation and maintenance, and quality assurance audits
  • Compliance with state and local agency regulations – SCAQMD Rules 1420.1, 1420.2, and CARB fugitive emissions
  • Refinery MACT for benzene fenceline monitoring
  • Ambient monitoring per EPA reference/equivalent methods for monitoring criteria air pollutants
  • Monitoring programs for determination of designation status for SO2, PM10 and PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
  • Special purpose, client-specific monitoring for nuisance and toxic pollutants other than the EPA criteria.