Michael J. Krall

Vice President, Technical

Mr. Michael J Krall’s position as a Vice President – Technical for Montrose Air Quality Services includes over 37 years of technical expertise focusing on hazardous waste combustion, as well as leadership and management experience. Previously, he was a National Business Development Leader and a Project Director for TRC’s Air Measurements Practice located in Austin, Texas. In these roles, Mike was responsible for national business development and marketing, and large-scale project management involving waste combustion and petrochemical clients. Prior to those roles, he served as practice leader for the Central Region of the Air Measurements Practice, overseeing the operations of 7 offices comprised of approximately 80 staff.

Prior to his TRC experience, Mike supervised Radian Corporation/URS’s source testing business unit in Austin, Texas. He was primarily responsible for its operation and financial performance, as well as the overall growth of the business. Beginning at Radian in 1980, he steadily contributed to the success of the organization and continued to assume larger management roles that eventually led to the leader position of the source testing unit.

Mike received his BS in Chemistry from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1979. He and his wife Veronica, reside in Austin, Texas with their 2 dogs, and are currently having fun with the purchase of a new home.


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