Don Chapman

Don Chapman

Vice President, Technical


Source Evaluation Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Don has close to 40 years of experience in reducing air pollution emissions for industrial clients. The primary industries he serves are ethanol production, petroleum refining, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities. He has performed air emissions testing at 70 ethanol plants and 18 oil refineries in the US. He has comprehensive knowledge of onsite air pollution analysis using FTIR, CEMS, GC and GC/MS. His skills include stack sampling, combustion engineering, process optimization and air pollution compliance. He has also conducted commissioning of chemical plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He has degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering.


Analysis of VOC and HAP Stack Emissions at Ethanol Plants
FTIR Analysis of Process Gas Streams at Refineries
Extractive FTIR Advantages for Air Pollution Monitoring
New Technologies for Claus Unit Tail Gas Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction
Techniques for Optimizing Performance of Sulfur Recovery Units
Performance of Mobile Packing for Three Phase Scrubber Systems

Professional Highlights

Project Manager – Almega Corporation
Research Engineer, Startup Engineer , Technical Services Manager – ARI Technologies, Inc.
Vice President – ARI Environmental, Inc.